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Globalization: Economic, Technological and Political Determinants and Impact

Research Director: Daniele Archibugi

The word globalization has become one of the most commonly used in social sciences. Is it due to fashion or to the emergence of new phenomena? The activites carried out in this research area deals with globalization in three core areas: i) the economy, ii) innovation and technological change, and iii) global governance.

i) Economic globalization has considerably changed everyday life. It is more and more important to identify when and where globalization is occurring and what is its impact. The research team has contributed to generate and interpret specific indicators to identify and measure economic globalization.

ii) New information and communcation technologies are perhaps the most important factor to allow the spatial interconnection in economic, social and cultural life. The research team has worked on the globalizaton of innovation and it has contributed a variety of indicators of globalization in the knolwedge society.

iii) How is globalziation changing also political life? Do international organizations manage to rule change? This research team devotes special attention to the possibility of a democratization of world political life through reform of the existing international organizations and the creation of new ones.

Recent books

Books in preparations

  • Daniele Archibugi and Alice Pease, Crime and Global Justice. The Dynamics of International Punishment, Polity Press, Cambridge.
  • Luigi Caranti, Kant's Politics Today. Human Rights, Peace, Political Agency, UWP (forthcoming)