Migration and Urbanization in Ethiopia,
 with Special Reference to Addis Ababa

Antonio Golini*, Mohammed Said**, Oliviero Casacchia*, Cecilia Reynaud*, Sara Basso*, Lorenzo Cassata*, Massimiliano Crisci*

* DSD - Department of Demographic Sciences, University of Roma "La Sapienza", Roma.
** CSA Central Statistical Authority, Addis Ababa.


Cover and table of contents (MigrationCover.pdf)
Chapter 1 Sources of data on migration and urbanization (MigrationChap1.pdf)
Chapter 2 The geographical distribution of urban and rural population (MigrationChap2.pdf)
Chapter 3 Internal migration in Ethiopia (MigrationChap3.pdf)
Chapter 4 Urbanization and urban population (MigrationChap4.pdf)
Chapter 5 Conclusions and recommenations (MigrationChap5.pdf)
Appendix to chapter 3(MigrationChap3Appendix.pdf)
Appendix to chapter 4(MigrationChap4Appendix.pdf)