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Workshop on Cris, Cerif and Institutional Repositories

Maximising the Benefit of Research Information for Researchers, Research Managers, Entrepreneurs and the Public

10 May 2010 12:00 to 11 May 2010 14:00
CNR Central Building, Piazzale Aldo Moro, Roma (participation on invitation only)

The outputs of research – particularly white and grey scholarly publications - are gaining increasing importance in the research (and commercial) environments stimulating further research and having an impact on wealth creation and improvement in the quality of life. Increasingly public research funders (including the EC 7th framework programme) and research institutions mandate open access with deposit in a ‘green’ institutional repository or via ‘gold’ (author institution pays) OA publishing via commercial publishers. It is becoming increasingly important for the metadata associated with research output objects not only to describe the object (and control access, ensure integrity, manage curation/preservation and provide navigation) but also to describe the research context in which the object was generated. From the world of CRIS (Current Research Information Systems) there is an EU Recommendation to member states ‘standard’ for research information named CERIF (Common European Research Information Format). The purpose of the workshop is to construct and stimulate the community interested in both CRIS and repositories, and their metadata, with a view to joint research activity.

The workshop will discuss:

  • The intersection of data models and metadata concerning IR and CRIS;
  • Metadata schemes compared; metadata standards; metadata evolution;
  • Examples of successful applications and  technologies; data acquisition of both grey and white literature;


Abstracts and Presentations

White paper 


Abstracts and Presentations.

Welcome to participants, Sveva Avveduto, Director of Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies and Manuela Arata, Director of CNR Technology Transfer Office. [Presentation

Opening, Daniela Luzi [Presentation] and Keith Jeffery [Presentation


Module 1. The intersection of data models and metadata concerning IR and CRIS.

Chair: Daniela Luzi

Keynote by Ed Simons, Radboud University Nijmegen. Knowledge Exchange – need for metadata. [Abstract] [Presentation] 

Brigitte Joerg, Language Technology Lab at DFKI. Formalizing a CERIF Semantics to connect CRISs and IRs. [Abstract] [Presentation

Anna Clements, University of St.Andrews. CRIS + OA – state of the Art.  [Abstract] [Presentation]

Leslie Carr, Eprints University of Southampton. EPrints and a CRIS. [Abstract] [Presentation]

Elly Dijk, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). NARCIS: linking CRISs and OARs in the Netherlands. A matter of standards and identifiers. [Abstract] [Presentation]


Module 2. Metadata schemes compared; metadata standards; metadata evolution.

Chair: Keith Jeffery

Keynote by Donatella Castelli OpenAIRE, DRIVER, D4Science, DILIGENT. Metadata evolution and interoperability. [Presentation

Yannis Ioannidis, Athens and BELIEF. Interoperability Challenges and Approaches. [Presentation]

Mikael Elbaek DTI & Marjan Vernooy, SURF. CRIS and OAR. [Abstract] [Presentation]

Marjan Vernooy for Norbert Lossau/Alicia Lopez Medina. COAR: Confederation of Open Access Repositories. [Presentation]

Christiane Stock, INIST. Open SIGLE – the rights metadata in the right place or how changing user habits require a revision of the metadata presentation. [Abstract] [Presentation]


Module 3. Examples of successful applications and  technologies; data acquisition of both grey and white literature.

Chair: Anne Asserson

Keynote by Bertrum H MacDonald & Peter Wells, Dalhousie UIniversity. Think Grey: publications of Intergovernmental Organisations and the Challenges of Document Description and Repositories. [Abstract] [Presentation]

Michael Day UKOLN/JISC. Models for integrating institutional repositories and research information management systems. [Abstract] [Presentation]

Marjan Vernooy, SURF. Position Paper on SURF. [Abstract] [Presentation]

Geert van Grootel, Department of Economy, Science and Innovation, Flemish Government (EWI). Publication metadata in the FRIS research portal. The distance between vision and reality. [Abstract] [Presentation]

Paola de Castro, Istituto Superiore di Sanità. Networking and aggregating projects across Italy, Europe and Latin America for the benefit of Public Health. [Abstract] [Presentation]

Nikos Houssos, Greek National Documentation Centre (EKT). Grey Literature and repositories at EKT. [Presentation]

Eloy Rodriguez, Universidade do Minho. Minho OA IR, DRIVER and the Future. [Presentation]

Anne Gentil-Becot, CERN. Behaviour of Particle Physicists. [Presentation]


Module 4. Discussion on Way Forward.

Moderated by Keith Jeffery and Daniela Luzi. 


White paper.

Keith G Jeffery, Anne Asserson, euroCRIS and Daniela Luzi CNR IRPPS. State of the Art and Roadmap for Current Research Information Systems and Repositories. [Download