Research Institute on Population and Social Policies


Luca Pianelli

Technical Collaborator for Research Institutions CTER V Level (Computer Processing and Databases; Technical Support for Research IT Service)


+39 089 89 18 50/1 - direct +39 06 499327 915 XNUMX

Curriculum Vitae


Its main duties are:

- training on Office automation procedures, operating systems and various applications for the personnel belonging to the Institute of the Fisciano office;
- collaboration in the training of trainees who have requested to carry out their training course at the Fsciano branch of the Institute;
- hardware and software maintenance of the machines used by colleagues at the Fisciano site;
- data processing and database construction for research;
- elaboration of presentations, infographics, posters for conferences and projects, elaboration of brochures for the Fisciano branch of the Institute;
- is part of the technical component of the Institute's editorial committee;
- is a member of the editorial board of the Institute's website;
- draws up and maintains the new website of the Institute;
- designed and built the blog platform of the Separate Headquarters of Fisciano (SA) of the IRPPS called "Welfare Post".

The main participations in publications are:

• Drafting of a chapter entitled "The portal and privacy" in the essay "Local welfare and clinical sociology" in "Clinical Sociology and Social Therapy", Department of Political Studies, University of Rome "La Sapienza" edited by Massimo Corsale edited by Franco Angeli , 2010, pp. 105-111, ISBN 978-88-568-1716-4;

• Co-author and responsible for the retrieval, statistical processing and graphic representation of data in the context of the drafting of the paper "The social demand of the elderly between North and South" presented by Tiziana Tesauro at the Espanet conference "Social policies in Italy in the European scenario" 6- 8 Nov 2008;

• Other data and graphic elaborations for many projects and reports published by the Fisciano branch of the Institute.

On the occasion of some international projects in which the Institute has taken part, it has created the following websites: