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ACT - Against Cyberbulling acTions

The project provides and uses communication and knowledge sharing methodologies through the use of a platform for the management of an on-line community. In addition, questionnaires were prepared and a study on the subject involving students, parents and teachers was also conducted in the schools of the Viterbo area. The project has prepared a guide to classroom activities on cyberbullying for teachers.

Cyber-bullying is a pervasive phenomenon linked to the widespread use of new technologies and in particular of smartphones and social networks, and represents a dangerous translation of the phenomena related to bullying in general. The danger is even more evident, considering the social influence of behaviors related to the use of new technologies.
This project aims to build a virtual community to which we will give the name "ACT - Against Cyberbullying acTions", which involves students, teachers and families in a process of interaction to increase knowledge and a shared awareness on behaviors and causes of cyberbullying. The project is in collaboration with 22 schools with funds allocated by MIUR