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Sole 24Ore – Violent men need systemic work for treatments

Attention is growing on treatments dedicated to abusive men, because in the absence of intervention, 85% of abusive men return to commit violence against women. Intervention by Peter Demurtas CNR-IRPPS- VIVA project on The Sun 24 HOURS.

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How do population movements fit within the framework of systemic risk?

Serena Tagliacozzo has just published an article in the magazine Open access Progress in disaster science

“- Population movement is usually represented as a determinant of vulnerability in existing frameworks dealing with systemic risk
- In reality, this phenomenon has complex and ramified implications both in terms of increasing and reducing systemic risk. These implications can also occur simultaneously.
- Systemic risk assessment and management frameworks should take into account and incorporate population movement as a positive phenomenon that allows for an increase in resilience and a reduction in risk within companies "

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Using Unified Modeling Language to Analyze Business Processes in the Delivery of Child Health Services

Fabrizio Pecoraro e Daniela Luzi have published a new article in the Open Access Journal.

 "Business Process Management (BPM) has been increasingly used in recent years in the healthcare domain to analyze, optimize, harmonize and compare clinical and healthcare processes. The main aim of this methodology is to model the interactions between medical and organizational activities needed to deliver health services, measure their complexity, variability and deviations to improve the quality of care and its efficiency. Among the different tools, languages ​​and notations developed in the decades, UML (Unified Modeling Language) represents a widely adopted technique to model, analyze and compare business processes in healthcare. We adopted its diagrams in the MOCHA project to compare the different ways of organizing, coordinating and delivering child care across 30 EU / EEA countries both from an organization and control-flow perspectives. This paper provides an overview of the main components used to represent the business process using UML diagrams, also highlighting how we customized them to capture the specificity of the healthcare domain taking into account that processes are reconstructed on the basis of country experts' responses to questionnaires . The benefits of the application of this methodology are demonstrated by providing examples of comparing different aspects of child care. "

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Electoral programs on Italians abroad

The emigration of Italians, as is well known, in the last years returned to levels of a certain consistency, it is interesting to examine the way in which this component of the migratory dynamics is considered in electoral programs. They deal with it in this articleCorrado Bonifazi e Salvatore Strozza.

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Immigration in the electoral programs

A more divisive issue than ever before, immigration has been at the center of the Italian political debate for decades. Corrado Bonifazi e Salvatore Strozza examine how this matter is addressed in the programs of the main parties.

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Emotion Classification from Speech and Text in Videos Using a Multimodal Approach

In the magazine Multimodal Technologies and Interaction published on April 14, 2022, an article written by Maria Chiara Caschera, Patrizia Grifoni e Fernando Ferri entitled "Emotion Classification from Speech and Text in Videos Using a Multimodal Approach"

"Emotion classification is a research area in which there has been very intensive literature production concerning natural language processing, multimedia data, semantic knowledge discovery, social network mining, and text and multimedia data mining. This paper addresses the issue of emotion classification and proposes a method for classifying the emotions expressed in multimodal data extracted from videos. The proposed method models multimodal data as a sequence of features extracted from facial expressions, speech, gestures, and text, using a linguistic approach. Each sequence of multimodal data is correctly associated with the emotion by a method that models each emotion using a hidden Markov model. The trained model is evaluated on samples of multimodal sentences associated with seven basic emotions. The experimental results demonstrate a good classification rate for emotions."

The article is in Open format

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Landownership concentration and human capital accumulation in post-unification Italy

It is the title of the article published by Vitantonio Mariella in the June 2022 issue of the magazine Journal of Population Economics published by Springer

"This paper contributes to the debate on institutions and economic development by assessing the relationship between landownership concentration and education. Using historical data at both the district and province levels in post-unification Italy from 1871 to 1921, I find evidence of an adverse effect of land inequality on literacy rates. Instrumental variable estimates using malaria pervasiveness as a source of exogenous variation rule out concerns regarding potential endogeneity. Exploration of the panel dimension of the data reveals that several shocks during this period affected the relationship between land inequality and literacy rates. In addition, this paper provides insights into the mechanism behind this relationship by analyzing the impact on intermediate outputs, such as enrollment rates in primary school, child-teacher ratio, school density, child labor, and municipality expenditures. Land inequality may have adversely affected literacy rates not only by influencing schooling supply through the political process but also through the private demand for education. "


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Towards Quality Digital Learning: Lessons Learned during COVID-19 and Recommended Actions — The Teachers' Perspective

On the Special Issue of the MDPI Open Access Journal An article was published in which they participated  Tiziana Guzzo, Stefano Boffo, Fernando Ferri, Francesco Gagliardi e Patrizia Grifoni

"The research focuses on identifying challenges and lessons from distance learning experiences in Italy during COVID-19, on opportunities emerging from a more digitalized school in the post-COVID-19 crisis, and on preparedness for potential future emergencies. The study aims to analyze different teachers' experiences, [...] "

The article can be downloaded at:

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From the theory of social regressivity to a rethinking of agile work, between gender stereotypes and the need for reconciliation

It is the title of the article that Antonio Tintori, Loredana Cerbara, Giulia Ciancimino. have published in issue 9 of the six-monthly magazine Notebooks published by the "Marco Vigorelli Foundation.

The title of The notebooks n. 9 is: "Parental responsibility and work: the future of Europe at stake"(Edited by Nicola Speranza),


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Query Processing of Geosocial Data in Location-Based Social Networks

Arianna D'UliziaFernando Ferri e Patrizia Grifoni, have published in the prestigious magazine MDPI - Academic Open Access Publishing, an article entitled: Query Processing of Geosocial Data in Location-Based Social Networks

"… The increasing use of social media and the recent advances in geo-positioning technologies have produced a great amount of geosocial data, consisting of spatial, textual, and social information, to be managed and queried. In this paper, we focus on the issue of query processing by providing a systematic literature review of geosocial data representations, query processing methods, and evaluation approaches published over the last two decades (2000–2020). The result of our analysis shows the categories of geosocial queries proposed by the surveyed studies, the query primitives and the kind of access method used to retrieve the result of the queries, the common evaluation metrics and datasets used to evaluate the performance of the query processing methods, and the main open challenges that should be faced in the near future. Due to the ongoing interest in this research topic, the results of this survey are valuable to many researchers and practitioners by gaining an in-depth understanding of the geosocial querying process and its applications and possible future perspectives ... "

the article is freely downloadable

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