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Flipped Conference

January 23 2023
9 pm: 00 13 to: 00

CNR Conference Room
Via dei Marrucini

This time researchers will listen to the very young!!

Our Good Star, project funded bysocial enterprise With the Childreni, concludes with the reflections of boys and girls on educational poverty and the educating community.

With different tools (PPT, videos, songs, interviews with project partners) twenty students will be junior researchers speaking to the audience made up of researchers, representatives of third sector bodies and local bodies.

We are waiting for you at 9:00 at the CNR Headquarters Aula Convegni!

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HINe study day

27 January - Study day on the f-HINe model

organized by IRPPS in collaboration with Sapienza University of Rome, "Federico II" University of Naples, Monastery Foundation, SIPeM – Italian Society of Medical Pedagogy, Institute of Biostructures and Bioimaging, Ibb-Cnr
HIN (Health Issue Network) it is a method that facilitates clinical reasoning and improves the training of students and professionals in the health sector in a one health vision. f-HINe is a graphic language that allows you to describe a clinical history.
The day is aimed at all professionals in the world of health who deal with territorial assistance. The goal is to illustrate the f-HINe model in its various aspects, in order to allow you to draw f-HINe diagrams of your own clinical histories.

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ViVa Project Conference

The conference of VIV projectA was the opportunity to start a #Dialogue between #Research and field of #Actions aimed at combating violence against women.

Interviewees: Pietro Demurtas (#CNRIrpps ProgettoVIVA) and Lella Palladino della EVA cooperative

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Current problems of science communication

30-11-2022 / 02-12-2022

Palazzo Corsini

Via della Lungara 10 – Rome

The numerous emergencies that have characterized the last few years, including the recent pandemic, have highlighted the central role of correct scientific communication for the formation of informed choices on issues that form the basis of our social life such as health, climate, sources of energy, and to avoid the spread of anti-scientific preconceptions capable of generating negative social behaviour.
The general purpose of the initiative is a methodological reflection on scientific communication. Particular attention will be given to the following topics and the challenges arising from them:

  • relations between science, society and politics;
  • communication of scientific research results;
  • scientific journalism and scientific publishing;
  • multimedia languages, non-journalistic writing and storytelling of science.

Sveva Avveduto will participate in session 10 “Reality and fiction in the representation of scientific work"

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Gender Equality Plan*

A dialogue between Research Institutions and Public Administrations
on GEPs' solved and unsolved challenges

29th November

9:30 - 12:30

Italian Institute of Technology

Leonardo room – 1st floor

Via Morego 30 – Genoa

Sveva Avveduto will participate in the round table.
The event will be held in presence and online. To be able to participate you need to register using the QRCode present on the programme
The evento will be held in Italian

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Actors, processes and practices of the anti-violence system: perspectives of inte(g)ation for the future

ViVa project: a dialogue between research and the field

6 December from 10.00

Space Seven bookshop

via dei Barbieri 7 – Rome

The conference will be an opportunity to start a comparison, starting from the results of the study activities carried out in recent years, on the prospects for interaction and integration between the different levels of government and the numerous actors who, in various capacities, intervene in the prevention, combating violence and protecting women who are victims of it. 

The day's program includes, after the institutional greetings and an introductory speech by Pietro Demurtas – Coordinator of ViVa project

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DigitalMente project

"Digitalization and job security in the Salerno area"

Conference room

Lloyd's Baia Hotel

Vietri sul Mare (Salerno)

10 hours: 00

Research data will be presented during the conference.DigitalMente project"


Grace Memmolo Territorial Directorate INAIL Naples and Salerno

Mario Paolucci Manager Irpps-Cnr Roma

Paolo Landri Responsible Irpps-Cnr Headquarters of Fisciano

Speakers include:

Ivonne Citarella Scientific manager DigitalMente project

Pasquale Addonizzio Manager Territorial Operational Unit for Certification verification and research of Naples

This will be followed by a roundtable discussion on “The tradigital position in the Salerno corporate panorama”


IRPPS organizational secretariat Territorial office of Fisciano: telephone 089 891 850

Inail-Campania Regional Directorate: telephone 081 778 4566

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Data and analysis to fight gender-based violence

The November 25 2022


the Great Hall

Via Cesare Balbo, 14 – Rome

at 9,30

THEIstat organize a conference on the subject

“PROTECTING WOMEN – Data and analysis to tackle gender-based violence"

Pietro Demurtas will participate by presenting a work entitled: “Data from projects on abused men"

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Gender R Evolutions

imagine the inevitable, subvert the impossible

Pietro Demurtas e Caterina Peroni will participate in the conference Gender R Evolutions to be held in Trento, organized by

Department of Sociology and Social Research (DRS)


Department of Humanities (DLF)

presenting a report on the topic:

"LGBT shelters in Italy: intervention perspectives and development dynamics"

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