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gEneSys – Public event and Kick off meeting

gEneSys (Transforming Gendered Interrelations of Power and Inequalities in Transition Pathways to Sustainable Energy Systems) is a Research and Innovation project (RIA) funded under the Horizon Europe Framework Programme (Cluster 2: Culture, creativity and inclusive society).

The project aims to contribute to the construction of more equitable, just and inclusive energy systems, with a focus on gender inequalities.

Project activities will officially begin on March 7 with thand kick-off meetings of project partners in Rome.

On March 8, 2023, the CNR Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies, together with project partners, is organizing a public event, open to all interested stakeholders (media, institutions, scientists, general public).

gEneSys is coordinated by the Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies – National Research Council of Italy (IRPPS-CNR), and has as partners: Venice International University (VIU), Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine (IC), Uniwersytet Jagiellonski (UJ), National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Forderung der Anegenwandten Forschung Ev (IAO), African Institute for Mathematical Science (AIMS), Portia GGMBH.

Read the full event programme.

Register for the public event by filling out the form.

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Storying Life Courses for Intersectional Inclusion

Ethnicity and Wellbeing Across Time and Place

January 26 2023

Starting at 11: 30 13 to: 00

Europe room, 2nd floor
Via Palestro, 32 – Rome

the prof Majella Kilkey will be with us to present the project: Storying Life Courses for Intersectional Inclusion: Ethnicity and Wellbeing Across Time and Place.

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Migration Festival

from South to South

Thursday December 8 Tiziana Tarsia e Tiziana Tesauro will participate in the Migration Festival by presenting a report entitled "Experiential laboratory of aesthetics of the oppressed"

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Internal and External Trajectories of Senegalese Migration

L'Observatory on Multicuturalism and Migration (MMO-OWiM) organizes a Seminar online to be held on
October 24, 2022
13.30 CEST
Speakers include:
Stefano Degli Uberti - CNR-IRPPS
Lanciné EN Diop - Aalborg Universitets
Mohamadou Sall - University of Dakar
Konrad Pędziwiatr - Center of Migration Research (CMR)
Agnieszka Legut - Pedagogical University of Krakow
The seminar will be held in language English
to participate, registration is required (press the "To participate" button) 


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As part of the presentation of the Statistical Dossier Immigration 2022, to be held:
Thursday October 27 2022
Hours 10.00 - 13.00
Aula Spinelli, Department of Political Sciences - University of Naples Federico II
The book of Salvatore Strozza, Cynthia Conti ed Henry Tucci
“New citizens. Becoming Italian in the era of globalization "

Speakers include:
- Corrado Bonifazi - Research Institute on Population and Social Policies (CNR-IRPPS)
- Francesco Dandolo - University of Naples Federico II
- Paula DeVivoUniversity of Naples Federico II

The authors will be present

During the event it will be possible to download the full REPORT from the website for freeWWW.DOSSIERIMMIGRAZIONE.IT
The 2022 Immigration Statistical Dossier will be presented simultaneously in all Regions and Autonomous Provinces and will be distributed to participants until copies run out at the end of the event



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Spaces of inclusion and democracy

July 13 2022

Rome - Palazzo Merulana

Theory and practice of the concepts of inclusion and democracy in educational contexts is the theme of the 22nd edition of Officina, a project #IRPS of the CNR National Research Council in collaboration with Ministry of Education.
A comparison between the scientific community, educator and social actors on transformative teaching, transversal, multicultural and citizenship skills.
The 2022 edition deals with the theme of "Spaces of inclusion and democracy", the tables will propose a reading of the theme starting from the practices carried out by the participants, the main findings and the problems that emerged.
The practices promoted and tested in the European project will be shared among the experiences of inclusion and democracy Includes: Integrated Content and Language via a Unified Digital Environment, funded by the Program erasmus plus.
The first part of the event will be broadcast live on Facebook on the page of Officina future education from 14:30 to 16:00.
The materials of the working tables and the full registration of the return to plenary of the results of the tables will be published by the summer here:

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Statistics at the CNR at the service of the country

The Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies of the National Research Council (CNR IMATI), in collaboration with the Italian Statistical Society, as part of the initiatives preceding the 2022 Statistics Festival, on 5 July 2022, organizes the event entitled:

The event basically has two objectives:

  • on the one hand we want to show, especially to the national statistical community, how much the CNR develops and applies statistical methodologies that contribute not only to an advancement of knowledge but also, and perhaps above all, to face and solve problems and challenges of our country;
  • on the other hand, the event aims to make known to the scientific community of the CNR what its colleagues do in the field of statistics, also trying to encourage collaboration and exchange of knowledge.

The twelve researchers, at different career levels, have different scientific backgrounds and work in different institutes but have in common the use and / or development of statistical methodologies in their research.

The event aims to highlight this commonality of interests despite the presence of diversity and, hopefully, to foster future collaborations as well as greater knowledge of the activities carried out by CNR researchers (with the collaboration of all staff) at the service of the country.


To register for the event

Detailed plan

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Antonio Tintori new president of the Single Guarantee Committee of the CNR

Antonio Tintori was appointed president of the Single Guarantee Committee of the National Research Council with a provision of the General Manager, following the publication of an expression of interest in this role.

Former member of the CUG, succeeds Giovanna Acampora who held the position since February 19, 2020. Sociologist, PhD in economic geography, researcher and referent of the research group Social changes, evaluation and methods (MUSA) ofResearch Institute on Population and Social Policies of Cnr, former professor of social science methodology at the'La Sapienza' University of Rome. His research activity is particularly oriented to the psychosocial analysis of the attitudes and behaviors of population groups, with particular reference to young people and gender with respect to interaction and integration, deviance and social conditioning. 

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The prestigious "Ca 'Foscari" University of Venice invited Daniele Archibugi to give a speech at its Management Department on

March 31

14.00 hours

Room 10 A

San Giobbe - Cannaregio 873,

San Giobbe Foundation,

30121 Venice

The title of the speech is:


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