Research Institute on Population and Social Policies


Digital Governance of Education: Analysis of the digitalization processes of school policies and the development of accountability regimes


The project intends to develop a research path aimed at analyzing the new technological devices in use in schools in Campania. The objectives of the survey are: a) to understand if and to what extent information and communication technologies contribute to educational success; b) what are the most effective projects and strategies on a regional level for the diffusion of new technologies; c) if and how the construction of new learning environments can counteract the phenomena of school inequality; d) what are the regional forms of governance of the policies of 'implementation' of the different technological devices, with particular reference to the regional implementation of the digital agenda. The course has an experimental character and is included within an IRPPS-CNR project aimed at producing knowledge on the factors that generate innovation in schools and social policies.

Analysis of new technological devices for the implementation of the school evaluation system and for the implementation of improvement projects in Campania

Anna Milione, Sandra Vatrella.