Research Institute on Population and Social Policies


Effectiveness on the main cardiovascular risk factors of an intensive educational intervention aimed at promoting the Mediterranean food model among the employees of FCA Italia SpA "(INTEDUFCA) 2016


The study population will consist of 600 employees of the FCA Italia SpA company based in Pratola Serra (AV) selected on the basis of the criteria provided for by the protocol. Participation will be on a voluntary basis. Participants will be randomly assigned to the intensive education or control group for a duration of 6 weeks. The intervention group will be involved in a structured nutritional education campaign divided into 6 meetings, having as its main topic the promotion of the Mediterranean food model. The control group will receive the same educational material provided to the intervention group (brochures etc.), but will not participate in the meetings provided for by the nutritional education campaign. The intensive nutritional education intervention is aimed at implementing lifestyle changes through the promotion of physical activity and adherence to a healthy diet and will be based on weekly group meetings lasting 1 hour each, characterized by counseling activities multidisciplinary conducted with the support of a dietician. The topics that will be addressed will be distributed as follows:

  1. Week: Importance of the consumption of cereals, especially wholemeal ones.
  2. Week: Benefits of consuming fresh and dried fruit, vegetables and legumes.
  3. Week: Health Effects of Eating Fish, Meat, Eggs, Cheese
  4. Week: Importance of seasonings in our diet.
  5. Week: How to improve your physical activity level.
  6. Week: The Mediterranean food model as a whole.

For each of the topics covered each week, specific information will be provided through the use of panels, totems and brochures. At the same time, the nutritional education intervention will provide for the improvement of the nutritional quality of the dishes offered by the company canteen. After a careful evaluation by a nutritionist (Dr. Marisa Giorgini) of the recipes of the dishes usually served in the canteen, the cooks in charge of preparing meals will be invited to a meeting with the nutritionist to define together how to improve the healthiness of some proposed recipes.

  • Prof. Olga Vaccaro (PA University of Naples “Federico II” - NA);
  • Dr. Marisa Giorgini (PhD student in Advanced Biomedical and Surgical Therapies at the Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery of the University of Naples “Federico II” - NA);
  • Ms Paola Cipriano Laboratory technician Federico II University of Naples.