Research Institute on Population and Social Policies

December 22, 2022

HINe study day

27 January - Study day on the f-HINe model

organized by IRPPS in collaboration with Sapienza University of Rome, "Federico II" University of Naples, Monastery Foundation, SIPeM – Italian Society of Medical Pedagogy, Institute of Biostructures and Bioimaging, Ibb-Cnr
HIN (Health Issue Network) it is a method that facilitates clinical reasoning and improves the training of students and professionals in the health sector in a one health vision. f-HINe is a graphic language that allows you to describe a clinical history.
The day is aimed at all professionals in the world of health who deal with territorial assistance. The goal is to illustrate the f-HINe model in its various aspects, in order to allow you to draw f-HINe diagrams of your own clinical histories.