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August 1

Interview with Daniele Archibugi on his latest essay, The sorcerer's apprentice published by Luiss University Press

Andrea Bettini, of RaiNews24, interview Daniele Archibugi  on his latest essay, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Tips, tricks and spells for aspiring scholars " published by Luiss University Press.

A story and a guide to navigate the rules and rituals of the academic and scientific community.

“Those who observe everything and do nothing. Thus Adam Smith defined philosophers and, in translation, scholars in general. They are university professors, engineers and researchers who work in the laboratories of companies, scholars in public bodies and non-profit organizations.

Aspiring to become a scholar is a desire of many, but the suitors are always many and the places available are scarce.

How to make your way through this universe? Unleashing your wits is a necessary condition, but often not enough.

A scholarly apprentice must also learn how to apply to enter a prestigious university and apply for a scholarship, take advantage of the PhD and choose the right mentors, how to submit their work to authoritative journals and navigate conferences. This book explains, in a direct and irreverent way, what are the implicit rules that govern the republic of knowledge ”.