Research Institute on Population and Social Policies

CNR contests and opportunities include:

Public calls - open-ended / fixed term Public calls - Mobility Calls reserved for CNR staff Other opportunities (internships, internships, degree thesis, replacement civil service)

CNR-IRPPS competitions and opportunities:

Public calls - open-ended / fixed-term contract Other opportunities (Internships, internships, thesis, substitute civil service and collaborations)

Expired Calls

Expired calls for collaboration opportunities with the Institute

Internships for undergraduates and graduates

Internships are training and orientation initiatives in the disciplinary areas and specializations of the Institute. At the end of the training period, trainees who have attended regularly and successfully, will receive a certificate. For each individual initiative it is necessary to prepare an internship training project compatible with the research activities of the Institute.

Admission to internships is subject to the approval of the project by the Management, which will assign an internal tutor to the intern. To be able to carry out an internship at the Institute, a framework agreement must be in place between the home university and the CNR. In case of acceptance, the trainee will have to provide insurance coverage for the period of stay within the Institute. Undergraduates have access to free internships.

Graduates, within twelve months of graduation, are exclusively assigned internships paid according to the parameters established by current legislation and bound to the financial availability of the Institute. The selection takes place through calls published on the site