Research Institute on Population and Social Policies

May 19, 2023

Youth Trends Observatory awarded at Forum PA 2023

The Youth Trend Observatory (OTG) was awarded at the PA Forum in the "gender equality" category of the 2023 Sustainable PA Award.

The award is sponsored by FPA e ASviS, Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development, with the aim of enhancing experiences, solutions and projects implemented by administrations (central and local), but also by associations and start-ups, to promote and support the achievement of sustainability objectives (Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs) set in the UN Agenda 2030.

The reasons for the award include: General objective of the project "Observatory on Youth Trends" was the promotion of equal gender opportunities and youth inclusion by contrasting deviance, violence, social conditioning (stereotypes and prejudices) with particular attention to gender and psychological discomfort. The OTG was made up of three intervention modules. The first of these concerned primary schools in Rome, the second secondary schools in Italy and the third concerned the construction of the Agenda of policies for childhood and adolescence. The activities of these modules, which constituted a unitary line of intervention, made it possible to produce new and detailed knowledge about the youth universe, to provide training activities on the subject of discomfort, deviance and social conditioning and to define actions aimed at promoting well-being, equal opportunities and inclusion (

The OTG is a project by the research group on Social changes, evaluation and methods (MUSA) of the IRPPS, in which Antonio Tintori, contact person, Loredana Cerbara and Giulia Ciancimino work in particular.