Research Institute on Population and Social Policies


Continuous survey of the activities of the Anti-violence Centers of the Abruzzo Region

The aim of the project is to set up a system of continuous detection of the activities of the Abruzzo anti-violence centers. The promoter and financier of the initiative is the Abruzzo Region which intends to equip itself with a survey tool that has the characteristics of uniformity, ease of use and continuous availability of information. These data will serve as an information basis for the future establishment of a regional observatory on the activities of anti-violence centers in response to a national information request that was addressed to all the Regions by the bodies in charge. Apart from the main actions, the project also includes a part of the study of the social impact of the activity of at least one anti-violence center and also a part of training for operators in the sector necessary for the correct functioning of the survey tool.

The activities are divided into three macro-activities:

- Implementation of the digital continuous survey system and production of regional indicators and statistics

- Production of qualitative insights on the activities to combat and prevent gender-based violence on the regional territory

- Training of operators in the sector on methods and tools of social research