Research Institute on Population and Social Policies


Health and society

The general objective of the project is to analyze health in a multidisciplinary approach that includes different aspects that make it up: clinical-medical, epidemiological, social, well-being, lifestyles etc. These aspects are also analyzed considering Information Technologies as support tools for socio-health integration. The project brings together the different skills of the IRPPS regarding the topic of health understood as the complete state of physical, mental and social well-being. In particular it will deal with:

· Epidemiological analysis of the impact of tumors in industrialized countries, with particular reference to changes in risk factors, diagnostic procedures, surgical and pharmaceutical treatments, and the aging of the population;

· Study of the relationships between nutrition and disabling chronic degenerative diseases, for the definition of a more suitable diet model for maintaining a good state of health, in particular for the implementation of a healthy lifestyle in the workplace;

Application of the narrative medicine approach, clinical-assistance intervention methodology that is based on a specific communicative competence, in order to identify a model aimed at reducing waste, consolidating the doctor-patient relationship, coordinating internal processes to structures;

· Sociological study of the life practices that determine the state of well-being of the citizen, focusing on the living conditions of people and the determinants of health;

· Development of information systems in the clinical field with particular reference to: modeling of business processes, development of conceptual models based on clinical data standards, assessment of the quality of care.