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New York - Welcome to the land of freedom; Frank Leslie's illustrated newspaper, pp. 324-325

The research starts from the consideration that the economic and social transformations that have affected Italy in the various moments of its history have always had significant repercussions on emigration by activating migratory currents, influencing their composition and areas of origin and destination. These relations and these effects will be analyzed with reference to various significant moments in the history of Italian emigration. Three cycles of Italian migration can now be identified starting from the Unity of the country. The first is that of the 'Great emigration', especially transoceanic at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries The second concerns intra-European migrations driven by the industrial development of Northern Europe emigration, the emergence of immigration and then, starting from the first decade of the century, a new growth of emigration, especially abroad. These three phases will be compared with each other and each will be framed within the reality and socio-economic phenomena of contemporary Italian society.


The research intends to fill a gap in the field of migration studies and to meet a question that has been felt for some time. Indeed, in recent decades there has been a resumption of research on emigration mainly focused on the post-war period. The contributions concerning different dimensions of the phenomenon or the various countries of destination - had the merit of making the characteristics of emigration and its repercussions on Italian society in the 'thirty glorious years' better known. On the other hand, a more general reflection on Italian emigration in its historical development and in its repercussions on Italian society was lacking. Among other things, there is still a work that is both updated and popular while responding to the need for scientific rigor. Il Mulino publishing house has ensured the publication of a book containing the results of the research.