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The Summer School in European Education Studies (SUSSES from now on) is a summer school of studies on the processes of Europeanization of education open to 20 emerging researchers from all over Europe who intend to consolidate their skills in the study of educational policies, practices and research results within the European Union, assuming the European dimension as the privileged point of view. SUSEES was born from a synergy between EERA network 28 'Sociology of Education' and a consolidated group of education researchers who focus their teaching and research activities on the processes of Europeanization and on the challenges of the knowledge society that affect education. .

European education spaces appear increasingly independent of nation-states, regions, schools, classes and places. At the same time, complex assemblages of people, technologies and policies open up unexpected perspectives of recomposition at the global and local levels. These transformations represent an important challenge for the production of knowledge on European education which also calls for the implementation of new training initiatives for the development of new skills to renew the categories of reading and methodologies in educational research.
SUSSES, intends to contribute to the rethinking of the sociology of education, exploring the potential of the 'mobility-turn' in the sociology of education by analyzing the construction of European educational arenas, and the effects of this ongoing construction at national and local level. It is an initiative that tends to renew sociological thinking on education in Europe, a laboratory for the development of sociological thinking on the new frontiers of Europeanisation in educational research, the emerging borderless space of European educational research.