Research Institute on Population and Social Policies

May 16, 2022

Theaters and the public sphere in a globalized and digitized society

With a chapter entitled "On stage without a script: the theatrical laboratory for
professional training"Tiziana Tesauro contributed to the publication of the book "Theaters and the public sphere in the globalized and digitized society" edited by Ilaria Riccioni of Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

“What is the role of theater in contemporary society? How has the social function of performance changed in the age of virtual reality? What new spaces has it acquired and what new functionalities have emerged? The disciplinary reflections that make up this volume emerge from theoretical and empirical data aimed at broadening the sociological view, extending it to the social functions of performance and to the transformative and political potential released by artistic forms, in this case the theater.
The meaning and value of this volume reside in presenting a plurality of theoretical reflections and researches that show the power of social involvement of the performance, not as mere entertainment, but as a collective therapeutic form, as a starting point for reflection at different levels, both scientific than cultural and for civil resistance. Furthermore, the texts show the need to rediscover the value of cultural institutions to rethink them in the light of a multiple social urgency: both for the construction of the collective fabric and for the institutional role of mediation, listening and restitution in creative-cultural terms of the needs of the social context of which they are an expression. "