Research Institute on Population and Social Policies

October 24, 2022

Using Unified Modeling Language to Analyze Business Processes in the Delivery of Child Health Services

Fabrizio Pecoraro e Daniela Luzi have published a new article in the Open Access Journal.

 "Business Process Management (BPM) has been increasingly used in recent years in the healthcare domain to analyze, optimize, harmonize and compare clinical and healthcare processes. The main aim of this methodology is to model the interactions between medical and organizational activities needed to deliver health services, measure their complexity, variability and deviations to improve the quality of care and its efficiency. Among the different tools, languages ​​and notations developed in the decades, UML (Unified Modeling Language) represents a widely adopted technique to model, analyze and compare business processes in healthcare. We adopted its diagrams in the MOCHA project to compare the different ways of organizing, coordinating and delivering child care across 30 EU / EEA countries both from an organization and control-flow perspectives. This paper provides an overview of the main components used to represent the business process using UML diagrams, also highlighting how we customized them to capture the specificity of the healthcare domain taking into account that processes are reconstructed on the basis of country experts' responses to questionnaires . The benefits of the application of this methodology are demonstrated by providing examples of comparing different aspects of child care. "