Research Institute on Population and Social Policies

Monia Torre

Monia Torre has been a research fellow since February 2023 at IRPPS, where she collaborates with the Communication Office in the analysis, planning and management of the Institute's channels and in the dissemination of research activities.



Graduated in Cultural Anthropology, Ethnology and Ethnolinguistics at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, she subsequently obtained the Master's Degree in Science Communication "Franco Prattico" from SISSA in Trieste (2018).

From April 2021 to January 2023, she was a scholarship holder at INMI Spallanzani where she dealt with situation analysis, sentiment and keyword monitoring on the topic of appropriate antibiotic consumption. You have been working as a freelancer for several years, collaborating in particular with the scientific communication agency Zadig, in institutional communication in the health sector and in the dissemination of European projects. She writes for Science on the Net.

His research interests are aimed at the institutional communication of science, risk communication and participatory methodologies in these fields.