Research Institute on Population and Social Policies

Open DOORS - Designing a network of cOOperating cReative communities for developing a Sharing economy

Some studies on the sharing economy, the e-communities already established and, the opportunities and needs for the different territories are carried, with the direct involvement of the territorial actors in meetings, and also collecting information using on-line methodologies. Data collected will be organized in an on-line system, which will provide the most opportune visualization of the collected data, according to the emerging needs.

The open DOORS project is funded by the MED program; this project is built on the heritage left by 5 capitalization projects which, as one result of the capitalization process, have produced a number of communities, networks dealing with creativeness and innovation as drivers for a smart and sustainable growth. The project aims to create a transnational network on the sharing economy.

In the project a chosen number of scientific and institutional partners has to contribute to provide their experienced formalizing and generalizing them in a study that will produce the approach to reinforce and develop the networks according to the territorial needs, providing the opportunity for the territories to be projected at transnational level, also collecting and using information in intelligent ad geographic databases.