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CITYCOP - Citizen Interaction Technologies Yield Community Policing

The CITYCOP project is funded by the European Commission as part of HORIZON 2020 and its primary objective is to strengthen collaboration between local police forces and European citizens. The CITYCoP project specifically aims to develop a mobile application that can be used by citizens to communicate directly with the public security authorities, not only to be informed but also to inform, thus contributing to the management of public security and order. public. The project will also investigate the reasons for the European Union's delay in developing apps that connect citizens with local police forces to report problems or crimes. This use of apps in fact sees the Anglo-Saxon countries (USA, Canada Australia and the United Kingdom in Europe) at an advantage. In addition to this study, the project will also develop a portal and an app that can be reused in various European countries taking into account the rules on privacy and the protection of personal data. The CITYCoP project benefits from a multidisciplinary approach that alongside sociological research, that relating to cognitive sciences also to investigate the mechanisms that regulate the interaction between citizens and police forces through the use of new technologies.

IRPPS CNR contributed in WP13 with a comparative research on Community Policing models and policies in some European and non-European countries.

He also collaborated in the scientific organization of events: "Comparative analysis of community policing policies Florence, Piazza della Signoria - Palazzo Vecchio16-17 March 2016; CITYCoP Forum "Smart Solutions for Citizen Safety" held in Rome 14 and 15 November 2016 and will participate in the organization of the final Conference of the Project scheduled for 2018.

Lucio Pisacane, Cristiana Crescimbene