Research Institute on Population and Social Policies


Health at Home

The project intends to create assistance to citizens based on a network of integrated health and social services and interoperable devices / systems with the general aim of improving the "quality of life" of people / families both with "aspects of difficulty" and without particular problems, through solutions that guarantee the greatest possible autonomy within one's own environment. The information system will be developed according to the paradigms of cloud computing aimed at connecting the companies and bodies that offer the services with the users who will use them.

Within the project, the activities in which the IRPPS research group will participate concern:

definition of the conceptual model that combines the main concepts of the three contexts studied in the project (health, social and home automation);

identify and define the types and areas of services to be offered through the H @ H information system;

description of business processes based on specific types of users (young people, athletes, the elderly, temporarily frail, patients with chronic diseases, etc.);

definition of the extension model of the Electronic Health Record (FSE) with the information provided by the devices in the user's home and integrated into the H @ H system;

analysis of the ethical-legal aspects relating to the new forms of regulation in the field of health data management.

The project, funded by MIUR as part of the Smart Cities and Communities call of the PON Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013, started in January 2014 and is in full implementation phase. Coordinated by the La Sapienza University of Rome, the project involves numerous partners including the Polytechnic University of Marche, the University of Genoa, Telecom Italia Spa, HomeLab. Closer collaborations of the research group within the project were with: Dedalus Spa and Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation. The CNR research group is represented not only by the IRPPS but also by the Antonio Ruberti Institute of Systems Analysis and Information Technology in Rome.

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