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The magazine was born in the context of National Research Council, Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies. The editorial project of Antonella Ciocia - who also took over the management - and the first dossier was published in 2015.

The mission ofIRPPS guides the choice of topics, shared with the organs of the magazine itself.

In 2019, following the collaboration between Cnr and University the management is shared with Mara Tognetti (University of Milan La Statale).

Since 2017 it is classified byANVUR as a scientific journal forarea 14.

From 18 November 2022, theANVUR recognized the class “A” as a scientific journal for thearea 14

Since its inception it has adopted peer review, with the double blind method; publishes in print and digital; it has a monographic nature and from 2020 it also hosts a free section to give space to innovative and interesting works related to the ongoing scientific debate or to the historical moment.

Mara Tognetti Bordogna,
Antonella Ciocia.

Maria Carmela Agodi (University of Naples Federico II), Maurizio Ambrosini (University of Milan La Statale), Sveva Avveduto (CNR-IRPPS, Rome), Ignazia Bartholini (University of Palermo), Corrado Bonifazi (CNR-IRPPS, Rome), Maurizio Bonolis (Sapienza University of Rome), Paola Borgna (University of Turin), Maria Girolama Caruso (CNR-IRPPS, Rome), Enzo Colombo (University of Milan La Statale), Teresa Consoli (University of Catania) , Fiorenza Deriu (Sapienza University of Rome), Paola Devivo (Federico II University of Naples), Fabio Folgheraiter (Catholic University of Milan), Mercedes Gori (CNR-IFC, Rome), Daniela Luzi (CNR-IRPPS, Rome), Antonio Maturo (University of Bologna), Carla Moretti (Polytechnic University of Marche, Ancona), Stefano Neri (University of Milan La Statale), Giampaolo Nuvolati (University of Milan-Bicocca), Fabrizio Pecoraro (CNR-IRPPS, Rome), Annalisa Pitino (CNR-IFC, Rome), Paolo Ricci (University of Stu di Napoli Federico II), Silvana Salerno (Enea - Sapienza University of Rome), Marco Terraneo (University of Milan-Bicocca), Stefano Tomelleri (University of Bergamo).
Emily Quinn Ahonen (University of Utah School of Medicine, USA), Francesca Coin (Lancaster University, UK), Annie Dussuet (University of Nantes, FR), Maria Angels Escrivà Chordà (Univeristy of Huelva, ES), Claudio Mustacchi (SUSPI, Manno, CH), Sandra Potestà (Invited expert evaluator - UE, Sheffield, UK), Makoto Sekimura (Université de la ville de Hiroshima, JP), Jean-Pierre Tabin (Haute école de travail et de la santé EESP, Lausanne, CH ), Tommaso Vitale (Sciences-Po, Paris, FR), Ionela Vlase (University Lucian Blaga of Sibiu, RO), Darja Zavirsek (Univerza v Ljubljani, SI), Irena Žemaitaitytė (Institute of Education and Social Work, Vilnius, LT) .

Anna Milione (CNR-IRPPS), Alfonso Lara Montero (European Social Network), Valeria Quaglia (University of Macerata), Francesca Alice Vianello (University of Padua)

Head of editorial team: Antonietta Bellisari
Editorial secretariat: Maria Giovanna Felici
Open Journal System-OJS Manager: Cristiana Crescimbene
Translation Revision Manager: Sandra Power
Technical support for search engine positioning: Luca Pianelli

Maria Giovanna Felici, IRPPS-CNR, via Palestro, 32 - 00185 Rome; tel. 06 4927 24210;

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