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Welfare Post

Welfare Post it is a space for research and social policies that hosts different professionalism, knowledge and points of view, which looks to the territory to orient itself, reflect on the changing world and open up to change.

A tool that solicits the reflection and discussion of scholars and researchers who want to contribute to amplifying the discourse on welfare, which draws the attention of those who have the responsibility for political choices and those who have the implementing ownership at the managerial and operational level, in the public and private.

This space tries to call attention to social problems beyond emergencies, in a constructive and generative perspective of the common good. In this context Post-welfare it intends to be of help in knowing, analyzing and dealing with issues concerning national social policies, with specific attention to what is happening in the South and in the local area.

Heads of editorial lines: Anna MillioneTiziana Tesauro.

Graphic consultancy: Alessandra Civica Webmaster: Luca Pianelli.