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The study and research activity of the IRPPS is supported by its own Library, specialized on socio-demographic issues and sociology of knowledge, with particular reference to the thematic sectors of immigration, gender studies, the family and the change in society linked to the dissemination of knowledge and information technologies.
The bibliographic heritage is consisting of the publications of the main national and international statistical bodies, from a selection of important scientific journals and from about 7.000 volumes of demography, statistics and sociology. A specific bibliographic collection on themes of innovation and social policies, with particular reference to the issues of welfare and education, is available at the Library of the territorial structure of Fisciano. The collection consists of 50 magazines and about 6000 volumes. The Library provides access to electronic resources acquired centrally by the CNR library system and those acquired locally from the Library. The library adheres to the National Collective Catalog of Periodicals (ACNP), participate to the database for the counting of Italian periodicals of economics and social sciences (ESSPER); collaborates to the initiatives of the CNR for the consortium acquisitions of electronic periodicals, ebooks and databases, and with the Universities of Rome "La Sapienza" and "Tor Vergata" for the development of internships and training courses for students graduated in Librarianship. The Irpps Library adopts the principles of the open science, promotes initiatives for the dissemination of open access electronic publishing and carries out research activities in the area of ​​curation, archiving and dissemination of research data.

THEOpen Science supports open access to scientific literature and thus ensures the efficiency and transparency of public investment in scientific research.

Research products (articles, monographs, data, software, etc.) are made accessible without the restrictions and barriers envisaged by traditional / commercial licenses. Dissemination in modality Open Access (OA) of scientific content ensures greater impact. In fact, the more a publication is freely accessible, the greater its visibility and the greater the possibility that it will be cited. Furthermore, the immediate dissemination of research results favors the process of knowledge creation.

Publish OA

There are two ways of Open Access publishing:
Green road: Self-archiving or self-archiving. The author deposits the final version of the work (already published in traditional journals / editorial offices) in Open Archives, (the list is in DOAR - Directory of Open Access Repositories) in accordance with the copyright policies of the publishers;
Gold road: Publication. the author publishes in Open Access journals (the list can be found in DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals) or publishes Open Access volumes (the list, also by publisher, is found in DOAB - Directory of Open Access Books)
To deposit the research data in an Open Access archive, you can consult the Registry of Research Data Repositories (Re3data). There are disciplinary or multidisciplinary data archives. Among the latter we mention Zenodo which can also be used for archiving data produced during the implementation of projects financed by the European Community.

authors' rights
Knowing your rights when signing a contract with a publisher is important since the indiscriminate transfer of them can avoid the useless alienation of advantages that could become useful over time. In signing a contract with a publisher, therefore, the author must act consciously knowing that it is not necessary to assign all the rights.
Here are some useful tools to learn about your rights vis-à-vis publishers:

SherpaRomeo includes the self-archiving conditions of over 22.000 peer reviewed journals. In this database it is possible to retrieve information on the policies adopted by publishers with respect to self-archiving in relation to: if you are allowed to self-archive your articles - what can be self-archived (which version) - when to self-archive (if there are restrictions).
Publishers are classified, based on their editorial policies, in four colors:

VerdeYou can archive pre-print and post-print or publisher / pdf version
BlueYou can archive post-print (or draft referenced) or publisher / pdf version
YellowIt is possible to archive pre-print (or pre-referee draft)
WhiteArchiving is not allowed

Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) disseminates and promotes knowledge of the various initiatives relating to Open Access and supports the creation of free-access or low-cost journals that are an alternative to those produced by commercial publishers

Beall's list of predatory journals and publishers Since 2010 he has curated and updated a list of «potential, possible or probable»Predatory publishers, which can be very useful to consult in cases where persistent invitations are received to publish an article or to join the editorial board of a magazine.

Consultation and loan
Users (external and internal) can access and consult the material held in the Library.
The loan service is only allowed for internal users (Irpps staff, undergraduates followed by the aforementioned staff, PhD students, postgraduates, contractors, collaborators).

A photocopier machine is available inside the Library to make photocopies personally in compliance with the Law for the protection of copyright. (Law no. 18 of 2000 August 248, art. 2, on the subject of "New rules for the protection of copyright").

Document Delivery
For internal users
The document recovery service is available, not owned by the Library and present in other Libraries belonging to the National Library System (SBN) and to the National Collective Catalog of Periodicals (ACNP). Requests can be sent via email to the address

For Libraries
The item Request service is available. The Library supplies copies of documents to University Libraries and to structures belonging to public, private and research bodies. The service is provided free of charge and on the basis of the availability of mutual exchange relationships. Requests can be sent via email to the address
Biblioproxy (SIPER Procedure) The service allows access to electronic resources under subscription also from outside the Institute

LIBERO, contains the entire bibliographic heritage of monographs and periodicals, including the scientific production of the Institute and the publications (journal articles, conference proceedings, reports, etc.) acquired by the Library in the areas of interest of the Institute.

Search for books not owned by the library:

National Library Service (SBN) - Contains the documents owned by the Italian libraries that adhere to SBN

Collective Catalog of the CNR - Contains the documents owned by the CNR libraries

Worldcat International Catalog - Contains the collections of the 72.000 libraries that, from over 170 nations, participate in the library cooperation project

BASE-Search - Multidisciplinary archive containing 15,9 million freely accessible scientific documents

Open ebooks

It allows free access to ebooks or digitized texts of public domain works of the history of science, through multidisciplinary portals and international projects, including:

Internet Archive




The library makes available to its users a large collection of journals in electronic format, centrally subscribed by the CNR. The journals are accessible, in most cases, directly from the publisher's website. It is possible to use the service from all the workstations of the IRPPS, as well as from the outside through the remote access service "biblioproxy"

The journals are available through the CNR portal of online resources.
Below is the list of publishers with which subscriptions have been activated:






List of CNR institutes - It is possible to search for all the research products of the CNR Institutes
IRPPS research products - Allows you to search the entire scientific production of the Institute
Editorial activities of the IRPPS - The institute has always taken care of the enhancement and sharing of the results of its research through an organized publishing policy divided into specific products, aimed at both scholars and the general public. In 2012 the publishing activity was reorganized with a service more functional to the needs of the internal scientific community and in line with the new open access publishing models
Catalog of the publications published by the IRPPS in the years 1981-2005 - The historical heritage of the Institute not available in digital format

RePEc - Research Papers in Economics. The archive consists of a network of databases of universities, research centers that deposit and make available their e-print archives.
SSRN - Social Science Research Network. The archive is aimed at disseminating research in the fields of economics, finance, management and marketing.
NBER Working Papers - Online collection of papers published by the National Bureau of Economic Research (US).
CEPR Discussion Papers - Online collection of papers published by the Center for Economic Policy Research (UK)