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In Italy scientific research is hampered not only by a historical lack of investment but also by the lack of young people choosing SET disciplines at University and embarking in Scientific careers. Capture and cultivate young talent, in synergy with the world of science and technology, to enter as early as possible in the research system is an important objective of national scientific research, to which the Italian National Research Council will contribute through “INVFactor: You too can be a genius”, a selection of young Italian talents.

CNR-IRPPS addressed this initiative to the “young Italian inventors ” and in particular students of technical High Schools, to direct, stimulate and enhance the insights and creative energies of students acquired during their education. INVFactor represents an important occasion to give space and visibility to young creativity, confidence and value to boys and girls on their potential and demonstrate that the school is not only tests and questions, but technology and innovation.

To reach youngster INVFACTOR involved schools, associations of school heads, and teachers and students themselves. Many girls and boys are inscribed in the event and sent the materials of their inventions. CNR, based on an evaluation that took into account the feasibility and innovativeness of the proposed inventions, has selected a list of finalists.

The finalists will present their inventions during a dedicated event, to be held at the Representation of the European Union in Italy September 7, 2010. A jury of CNR experts will identify the winners, which will then be invited to Light’10-Turn on the light on science, where they will showcase their discoveries and can interact with the public and the media in the area “Young Talents on display”.