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PRIN - Research Projects of National Interest, Italian Ministry for University and Research

Digital INNOvation: an assessment of the relationship between DATA and other intangible assets and productivity (INNODATA)

Digital technologies have by no means exhausted their development. On the contrary, they prove to be still in full force, increasingly broadening the fields of application. The production of new products, processes and services is now being accompanied by an ability to use new tools for the management and communication of production and social processes.

This PRIN, directed by Daniele Archibugi and in which Maria Savona (Luiss University of Rome) and Francesco Venturini (University of Urbino) participate, intends to verify what the impact of the digital economy and new intangible assets will be on the growth and productivity of companies, nations, and main geographical areas.

The PRIN intends to identify the most dynamic scientific and technological sectors, and what Italy's position is compared to the main geographical areas (United States, China, Japan, and Europe).

Given the crucial importance of digital technologies for the entire economic and social life, the project also intends to verify whether the new restricted oligopoly that has been created worldwide prevents the entry of new players. To what extent do current pro-competition rules succeed in preventing the abuse of power by the largest companies?

The PRIN will also pay attention to the policy implications of science, technology, and innovation at the national and European Union level.


Start date: 28 September 2023

End date: September 27, 2025



Daniele Archibugi, Irpps-Cnr, Coordinator –
Maria Savona, Luiss University of Rome – Maria Savona
Francesco Venturini, University of Urbino – Francesco Venturini