Research Institute on Population and Social Policies

MICS - Circular and Sustainable Made in Italy

Irpps-Cnr is participating in the MICS Partnership – Made in Italy Circular and Sustainableof the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan), Spoke 7 " New and consumer-driver business models for resilient and circular supply chains".

Professor Ilaria Giannoccaro coordinates the Spoke. The Institute, through Daniele Archibugi and Azzurra Malgieri with the collaboration of Viviana D'Angelo, participates in Project 7.02, led by Professor Filippo Visintin, 7.02 RESTART – REsilient, Sustainable and circulAr leatheR and Textile supply chains.

The Institute's tasks involve identifying relevant technologies for the Made in Italy sectors targeted by the project, via patent literature analysis. This entails pinpointing emerging sectors and the geographical location of technological expertise required to transition these sectors towards a sustainable and circular economy.

Project Organization:

Filippo Visintin

University of Florence

University of Brescia, University of Bergamo, National Research Council

START DATE January 2023
END DATE December 2025